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Westminster Maryland

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Welcome to the Footgolf Course at McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland.

FootGolf at McDaniel College:  The par 70, 18-hole footgolf course provides a scenic and challenging round of footgolf.  Kick off markers indicate the starting point for each hole and players aim to kick the ball into the cup hole designated with a yellow flag stick.  You'll find a combination of par 3, par 4, and some longer par 5 holes on the course.  Even par is a score of 70.  Currently, the McDaniel College footgolf course record is a 15 under par score of 55.  

Click on the photos to increase the photo size and viewing area.  The top left photo is the course layout, hole yardage, and par designation for the McDaniel College 18-hole, par 70 footgolf course.


Here are some of the important rules for the footgolf course:

  • No cleats allowed on the course.  Players must wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes.

  • Kick off from the space between the tee markers.

  • Use the side of your foot or the toe to kick the ball.  The bottom of your foot may not be used to push the ball forward.

  • Never run to your ball after a kick.

  • If your ball lies on the regular golf putting green, it must be moved off, no closer to the hole, without any stroke penalty.

  • If your ball is unplayable at any area of the course, the player may take 2 steps, place their ball, and kick.  The ball may not be moved closer to the hole.  There is a 1 shot penalty stroke applied when your ball is unplayable.

  • The ball furthest from the hole kicks first. 

  • Balls should not be moved except if on the putting green or if unplayable.  The ball placement may be marked and lifted only if it obstructs another players kick.

  • The flag stick may be removed or left in the cup at the discretion of the players.

  • Each player continues to kick until their ball goes in the hole.  The number of kicks taken plus any penalty strokes will be recorded on your scorecard.  The lowest score kicks off first on the next hole.

  • Please abide by all rules and be courteous of other players on the course.  Allow faster groups to play through.  No yelling or running.  Riding carts must be kept a minimum of 10 yards from the greens, footgolf cup holes, and tee box areas.

  • Enjoy yourself and report any concerns or problems to the Club House staff or tournament director.


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The McDaniel College FootGolf course includes 18 tees and 18 separate greens with six par 3’s, eight par 4’s and four par 5’s.  See the McDaniel FootGolf course layout - click here.

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