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Footgolf Rules, National College FootGolf, NCFGA Rules.

Footgolf rules for competition and championship play in the National College Footgolf Association, NCFGA.

National College FootGolf Association Ė Rules of Play - Download Word Doc.

1.1   The National College FootGolf Association or NCFGA is the official governing body for the collegiate division of footgolf teams.  The NCFGA will establish competition and program rules that will seek to promote an organized league structure, safety, sportsmanship, and expand overall growth of the program.

1.2   Rules are subject to change and may be adjusted or changed as necessary by the NCFGA.  The rules will be reviewed on a regular basis and updated to meet the needs of the program.

1.3   The NCFGA offers a fall season and a spring season of competition.  Games and tournaments will be offered over the course of the season for Menís, Womenís and Coed teams.  A final championship event will be held at the end of the fall and the spring season for each division of play.  The fall and spring seasons will be completely separate and independent.

1.4   NCFGA Membership:

Participating teams must register their team and pay the NCFGA membership fee each season.  The NCFGA membership fee is $150/team and is payable prior to the beginning of a season.

1.5   Eligibility:  Participating teams must be a student group representative of a college or university.  All teams must be able to provide proof of eligibility, and must be an official student club team that has been approved as a valid organization by their campus administration (Student Affairs, Athletics, or Campus Recreation).  Violation of this rule will result in immediate team disqualification.

1.6   Player Eligibility:  All members of a respective team must be enrolled as a full-time college student at the same institution.  Part-time college students are not eligible to participate. 

1.7   Team Roster:  Teams must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 8 players on the roster.  In Coed play, team rosters are typically comprised of 50% men and 50% women.

1.8   Roster Changes:  Players may be added and removed from your roster for a limited time period.  For the fall season, changes can only be made prior to October 1st, and for the spring season, changes can only be made prior to April 1st.  Roster additions must conform to eligibility requirements.  No changes can be made after the dates of 10/1 (fall) and 4/1 (spring).

1.9   Registration/Team Roster Management:  Participating teams will use the website and our online registration system to register their team, pay their NCFGA membership, enter/edit their team roster, and sign up for events.  Registration, team administration, and payments will only be accepted online.

2         Team Requirements:

2.1   All participating teams are required to have a team captain who is the primary representative and point of contact for their team.  The team captain will oversee the operation of their team during the season to ensure that their team members abide by the rules of NCFGA.

2.2   Uniforms:  Official team uniforms are not required.  Participating teams must wear clothing or accessory that designates their respective institution name. 

2.3   Sportsmanship and Player/Team Conduct:  All participants are required to follow the rules of good sportsmanship, honest and fair play, and be courteous and considerate of other participants, league officials, or anyone they contact throughout all events sanctioned by the NCFGA.  Inappropriate language, verbal or physical abuse, fighting, taunting, or any other act of unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Violation of the sportsmanship rule will be handled by the NCFGA and can result in ejection, temporary and permanent disqualification of a player and/or team.

2.4   Protest or Dispute:  Team captains must contact the NCFGA within 72 hours to lodge a protest, or to communicate any issue or dispute.

2.5   Injury Report:  An injury report must be filed with the NCFGA within 72 hours or sooner of the accident/injury.

2.6   Tobacco, Alcohol, and Illegal Substances:  Participants may not bring any of these products or use any of these products during competition.  These products may not be consumed at any NCFGA event location.  Smokeless tobacco and E-cigarettes are also not permitted as outlined in this rule.

2.7   Liability Waiver:  All participants in the NCFGA must complete required liability waiver documents and registration forms.  Participating teams may be required to provide a copy of their team liability insurance.  In addition, all participants willingly engage in NCFGA events and individually accept the risk of bodily injury or possible accidents that could occur as a result of their participation in NCFGA events, and accept the potential risk incurred traveling to NCFGA event locations.

3         Event Ė Tournament Rules

3.1   Team Lineup:  Teams playing in an event or tournament may have a maximum of five players, and must have a minimum of four players to participate in the competition.  No substitutions can be made after a competition has started.  For Coed play, teams may have 2 men and 3 women, or 3 men and 2 women.

3.2   Scoring:  Teams will achieve a cumulative score total for 18-holes of play based on the lowest scores of four players.  Therefore, one playerís results will not be included in the team score for the event.  In coed play, the team score must be based on two men and two women.      

3.3   Event Schedule:  Teams may choose to enter events at their discretion.  Events are scheduled throughout the season, generally over a period of 6-8 weeks.  Teams may only play a maximum of two events per day.  Events are scheduled on weekday and weekend dates.  Dates and times of events are subject to change and/or cancellation for any reason.  Additional event dates could be added to the published schedule if there are sufficient teams able to play on an alternate date.  Events are scheduled for Menís, Womenís, and Coed teams.

3.4   Event Registration:  Teams must register for events using the online registration system provided by the NCFGA.  Registration deadlines may be extended if necessary at the discretion of the NCFGA.

3.5   Event Format Shotgun Style:  Participating teams and their five team members will be assigned a starting hole.  Each starting hole will consist of a group of competitors with one player from 3 to 5 different club teams.   Therefore, one team will be dispersed on 5 different starting holes, and will play the event with players representing other club teams.  Scoring will be confirmed by all players and recorded on the score card after each hole of play.   

3.6   Equipment:  Cleats are not allowed.  Participants must wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes.  Each participant must use a regulation size 5 soccer ball.

3.7   Kick Off:  The ball must be placed in between the tee markers for each hole. 

3.8   Legal Kick:  The side of the foot or the toe may only contact the ball once.  The bottom of the foot may not be used to push the ball forward.

3.9   Kicking Order:  The ball furthest from the hole kicks first. 

4         Event -  Tournament Rules

4.1   Putting Green:  Any ball sitting on a putting green must be moved off but moved no closer to the hole.  There is no penalty stroke.

4.2   Unplayable ball:  Any ball that is unplayable on the course, the players may take up to 2 steps and place the ball and kick.  The ball may not be moved closer to the hole.  The penalty stroke for an unplayable ball is a 1 shot penalty stroke.

4.3   Moving the Ball:  Your ball should only be moved if it is on a putting green or unplayable.  The only other time that it can be moved is when the ball is obstructing another playerís kick.  In this case, the ball may be marked and lifted to eliminate the obstruction issue.

4.4   Flag Stick:  The flag stick may be left in the cup or removed at the discretion of the players.

4.5   Kicking/Scoring:  Each player continues to kick until their ball goes in the hole.  The number of kicks taken plus any penalty strokes will be recorded on the score card.  The lowest score kicks off first on the next hole.

4.6   Riding Carts:  Participants may rent a riding cart.  Carts must be kept at least 10 yards away from all putting greens, tee box areas, and from the footgolf cup holes.

5         Championship Play

5.1   Each season, a championship event will be held for all divisions of play:  Men, Women, and Coed. 

5.2   Championship Eligibility:  A team must participate in a minimum of five NCFGA events to become eligible for the championship event.  Each team will generate a season score average determined by the team scores earned in the regular season events divided by the number of events entered.  All teams will be seeded based on their teamís scoring average for the season. 

5.3   Championship Field:  The top 32 teams will qualify for the championship event in both the Menís and Womenís divisions.  The top 20 teams will qualify for the championship event in Coed play. 

5.4   Event Format:  The championship event will include a preliminary 1st round and a final 2nd round of participants.  For the Menís and Womenís Championship, the top 8 teams will move from the preliminary round to the final round.  For Coed play, the top 5 teams will move from the preliminary round to the final round.       

5.5   Top Seeds earn a Bye to Final Round:  For the Menís and Womenís championship event, the top 2 teams in each gender division will be awarded an automatic bye and advance to the final round.  The teams earning byes will begin the final round with a team score equal to the best score earned by any team in the first round.   For the Coed championship event, the top 5 teams will receive an automatic bye and advance to the final round (team score to be handled just like the Menís & Womenís bye teams).

5.6   Menís Championship:  30 teams will compete in the 1st round with the top 8 advancing to the final round.  Two menís teams will automatically earn a trip to the final round.  The final round will be comprised of 10 menís teams.

5.7   Womenís Championship:  30 teams will compete in the 1st round with the top 8 advancing to the final round.  Two womenís teams will automatically earn a trip to the final round.  The final round will be comprised of 10 womenís teams.

5.8   Coed Championship:  15 teams will compete in the 1st round with the top 5 advancing to the final round.  Five coed teams will automatically earn a trip to the final round.  The final round will be comprised of 10 coed teams.

5.9   Scoring:  Scores will carry over from the 1st round to the final round.  All bye teams are automatically assigned a first round score that is equivalent to the top scoring team from the 1st round in their division of play.  The final round team score will be added to the score achieved (assigned for bye teams) in the 1st round.  The team with the lowest score wins the championship.

6         Championship Seeding and Tiebreakers: 

6.1   Byes and ties:  Any tie for a bye position, a tie for championship event eligibility, or a tie among teams competing for entry in the final championship round will be determined based on the following sequential tie-breaker comparisons:  #1  Most events played, #2  Lowest event score, #3 Lowest high score, #4 Coin flip.

6.2   Final Round Tie:  A sudden death playoff will occur in the event of a tie at the conclusion of the final round of championship play.  All teams tied atop the leader board will continue play starting at the 1st hole and proceed until one team is left with the low score.  Extra play will require only 1 hole or may keep going until the tie has been resolved and a champion has been determined.

6.3   Scoring:  Championship play will be scored using the same method as regular season events, see rule 3.2.

6.4   Player Substitutions:  See rule 3.1.  No substitutions are allowed at any time during championship play.

7         Weather Ė Darkness Ė Other Safety Issues: 

7.1   The NCFGA reserves the right to stop play, delay, suspend, or cancel events at any time due to inclement weather, darkness, act of nature, or under any circumstances that jeopardize the safety of participants.

7.2   When possible, the NCFGA will make every reasonable attempt to operate events from start to finish as they were intended.  The NCFGA reserves the right to change event format, modify elements of the event, or utilize alternate plans of action, if necessary for any reason.

7.3   The NCFGA will not typically refund any team fees including NCFGA membership, registration, or event fees.  Fees are non-refundable.  The NCFGA will strive to make good decisions and may elect to reimburse teams, in some cases.

7.4   The NCFGA will try to reschedule, re-play, and make-up events that are postponed due to weather or any other reason.

8         Awards

8.1   Team Awards:  Teams that have earned a championship title will receive award to signify their accomplishment.  The NCFGA may elect to give various other awards to individuals and/or teams that have displayed outstanding accomplishments for the season, or who have earned special honors or achievement.  No monetary awards will be given to any individual or team. 

9         Honor System and Final Thoughts:

9.1   The NCFGA program is based on the belief that participants will always act and compete in a manner that is honest, fair, and with the utmost integrity for the game and sports.  Cheating of any kind or any actions taken by individuals or teams to circumvent rules and fair play will result in absolute banishment from the program. 

9.2   The NCFGA believes that all participants should be able to enjoy playing footgolf,  enjoy the competition among peer institutions, enjoy the camaraderie and opportunity for new friendships, be healthy and safe, and to always play the game the right way.

9.3   The NCFGA encourages team representatives, captains, and participants to be active and engaged in the program.  Please help to grow the game and program by telling other students.  In addition, we encourage you to submit your questions, ideas, concerns, or input that could be a valuable component shaping the development of the NCFGA program.  We thank you for your support and feedback.

9.4   Thatís it, enough rules to remember!  Just have fun and do your best.


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